Oro – Winter Work

This year's heat repair, winter is favorable and construction works on the ORO investment site, which was on the site of the renovation of the Gdańsk district, are going to work in pace. The works related to the preparation of the workshop and the preparation of the excavation in terms of preparation had to be completed. A search engine that would bring out the surface would dig in close proximity to the site's surface Initiation is performed with Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) type bored piles, because this technology enables trouble-free and fast execution. Reinforcement of the most important building with a steel profile, the palisade structure can be stretched or anchored.

Continuous bored piles are auger. During the execution of the planing, the spreading on the tool is realized in the context of facilitating the procedure, facilitating the solution to the pile bearing capacity. The contractor of the palisade on the ORO investment is the Keller company, a leading international concern in the field of geotechnics, which, among others, performed the executive co-operation of the Shakespeare Theater in Gdańsk, carried out a number of works on the construction of the Metropolitan Railway building, as well as the producer of the team team for Marta Wisła. Foundation works are currently underway for ORO investments.