Centre, Gdynia


CENTRE delights with a clever block, simple, yet modern and interesting in the form. The building creatively fits into the modernist buildings of the city if Gdynia.

The eye is attracted by the rounded edge, so characteristic of the architecture of the modernism period. Large expanses of windows let in a lot of light, and in addition, huge glazing of the last storeys and glass railing balloons give the building lightness and elegance.

An incredible asset, located in the urban space of the building is an interior patio for the exclusive use of residents. Patio is on the one hand a decorative courtyard, which is nice to look at from the windows, and on the other it is a place where you can relax nicely among the soothing greenery.

Functional commercial premises have been located on the ground floor from the street side.

CENTRE –  You Never Get Bored in Gdynia