About us

BMC has been successfully operating on the Tri-City real estate market since 2005.

For over 18 years we have been following the motto “we build dreams", because we create exceptional places, the kind we would like to live in ourselves.

At work, we follow the highest standards of quality and safety, at the same time we pay great attention to aesthetics and design.

Natural neighborhood

BMC investments are made in carefully selected, prestigious locations in Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk, where the bustling life of the metropolis neighbors with nature: with the sea, a landscape park, and recreational areas. We know how important in life is the balance between work and time spent outside of it. We are passionate about sports, mainly tennis, and we also feel how much positive energy can be provided by physical activity. We make sure that the residents of our investments, in addition to easy access to all amenities, such as: public transport networks, main arteries, schools, kindergartens, office buildings, shopping and service centers, cultural facilities, grocery stores, have the opportunity to practice sports at their fingertips.

Functional modernism

All BMC buildings were designed in accordance with the guiding principle of modernism contained in the words of Louis Sullivan “Form follows function". They are characterized by a unique architecture and a well-thought-out design that allows for the implementation of even the most avant-garde arrangement ideas.

We like beautiful, timeless and high-class things. We take care of details and details. Functionality, comfort, quality and the joy of life are our priorities when implementing development projects. We make every effort to ensure that our premises are comfortable, friendly and constitute an ideal living space. Thanks to this, our clients can live in comfortable apartments, which are characterized by high quality of workmanship. It is the satisfied inhabitants that are the greatest success of our company. Our commitment and caring approach to clients mean that new investors are mainly people on recommendation. It builds our credibility and the position of a trusted developer, which we are proud of.

Martyna Musial

Vice Presdent of BMC

Biuro BMC

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Prizes and awards

Over the 18 years of operation, BMC has won many industry awards and distinctions. Investments made by us are appreciated by both clients and representatives of the construction industry.

  • ORO O, Gdańsk

    ORO O, Gdańsk

  • Plac zabaw, Gdańsk

    Plac zabaw, Gdańsk

  • ORO, Gdańsk

    ORO, Gdańsk

  • Czyzewskiego, Gdansk

    Czyzewskiego, Gdansk

  • Asteria, Gdynia

    Asteria, Gdynia

  • Centre, Gdynia

    Centre, Gdynia

  • Verde, Sopot

    Verde, Sopot

  • Continuum, Gdansk

    Continuum, Gdansk

  • Passa, Sopot

    Passa, Sopot

  • 35, Kapitanska Street, Gdynia

    35, Kapitanska Street, Gdynia

  • Ruby Apartment House, Sopot

    Ruby Apartment House, Sopot

  • Maestro, Gdynia

    Maestro, Gdynia

  • Royal Platinum Apartment House, Sopot

    Royal Platinum Apartment House, Sopot

  • Sapphire Apartment House, Sopot

    Sapphire Apartment House, Sopot

  • Marco Polo, Gdynia

    Marco Polo, Gdynia

  • Columbus, Gdynia

    Columbus, Gdynia

  • Victoria Housing Estate, Gdańsk

    Victoria Housing Estate, Gdańsk

  • Under the Larch Housing complex, Gdansk

    Under the Larch Housing complex, Gdansk

  • Prometheus Housing Estate, Gdańsk

    Prometheus Housing Estate, Gdańsk